How can I explain to those

who can never understand

The person that I was is gone

This is who I am.

The core inside of me remains

Loving, good and kind

But the easygoing rest of me

Has been left behind.

They say patience is a virtue

I use to have this trait

It shines through on occasion

But the new me hates to wait.
Anger was slow to rise

In the person I use to be

Anger boils and rages

Inside of this new me.
Previously quick to answer

Any questions one put forth

So slow with answers now 

I fear I'm losing my self worth.
The memory of an elephant

Use to be inside my mind

This new me forgets everything

And is always running behind.
My mind was always clear

Solving problems without a fault 

This other self took over

And my brain seems an empty vault
No one can see the confusion

Behind the same face that they adore 

But until there's wreckage in their brain

They only understand the me before.

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