How I’m Rocking Life!!! 

Its funny my biggest advice when I give a speech is to focus on the present moment. I say don't worry about the future and some days (when I didn't sleep and drank wine and had a wonderful exhausting time) It's way to easy for me to start worrying about the future. I was worrying and wanting a job where I actually work in the disability and motivational speaking sector next summer, and thinking about where/what I want to rent after I get back from Hotham. If I will ever actually fall in love with someone (probably spurned on from the fact I just want to support Crew with disabilities) plus I focus on the fact I don't want to get married ever again…

Woah why am I thinking so far in the future?

Because I need a plan of attack to set myself up for the rest of my life. (Let life happen, who knows what will happen?) I need to focus on what I am doing right now. I wanna have so much fun with my amazing son and enjoy everything we have on any given day.

Many people's experiences that will change their life at Mt Hotham loving life and their own experiences making every day count and enjoy every moment in the snow. I got to do a rad first time interview with Marcus Lovett and give hope to anyone that has survived adversity and is still kicking goals living life on their own terms is bloody awesome.

I take no notice from the negative and pathetic people in this world as life's too short to listen to that bullshit. I'm only interested in learning and motivating people for the better. I have two major loves in my life that being the father of my amazing 11yo son and Skiing with the most radical people of Mt Hotham.

I'm forever grateful for all your amazing friendships, your all beautiful people. 

I think i'm gonna go listen to some bob now cause every little thing is gonna be alright.

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