From an 11yo with my whole life perfect and at the top of my game to a Comatose Quadriplegic with less than 20% chance of survival due to a massive Brain Aneurysm and Stroke, this I hope will give you positive message of survival and to how I live my life now with total meaning and inspiration. I’m definitely not one that will be easily beaten. With all odds stacked against me I was strong enough to meet these challenges head on and overcome all obstacles that were put in front of me. and it would mean so much for you all to join me. I had no speech, I had no movement in either my arms and my legs so I was reborn again. Check out how I managed to get my life back after months of learning everything all over again.

#SpreadingMotivation. ❤

You have everything you need to create the life you want! So go and get it!!!

Source: A little motivational speaking.

Living my life on my own terms is what it’s all about. I love every single minute I get to spend with Brayden and making every moment as special as possible. Life after a brain injury is often tough but I always try to make the most of every minute I have been blessed to have been given in my last 32 years since the day I nearly lost my life. Trying to make the most out of every minute is often not as easy as it sounds. I’m currently enjoying watching the Grand Prix and finding it so amazing how these drivers can do what they do. It must be so incredible being able to drive an F1 Formula One Racing Car at the awesome speed that they travel at. Boy I would love to get a chance to one day be in one of those vehicles. Maybe one day it will happen??