How I’m Rocking Life!!! 

Its funny my biggest advice when I give a speech is to focus on the present moment. I say don't worry about the future and some days (when I didn't sleep and drank wine and had a wonderful exhausting time) It's way to easy for me to start worrying about the future. I was worrying... Continue Reading →

Damn Straight 

From a Comatose Quadriplegic, to a man on a mission to get the word out that having a disability or a disease will never define you as a human being. If anything you're tougher and have more guts to even get out of bed in the morning than most able-bodied people that often look at... Continue Reading →

Smiles often lie!!! 

Sometimes Smiles lie, sometimes the biggest mistakes are masked in a smile. Get in touch with what's real and explore what's most important to make you feel all your worth. Not everything is how it may look from the outside you can try and hide from it but that black monster can always raise its... Continue Reading →

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