How I’m Rocking Life!!! 

Its funny my biggest advice when I give a speech is to focus on the present moment. I say don't worry about the future and some days (when I didn't sleep and drank wine and had a wonderful exhausting time) It's way to easy for me to start worrying about the future. I was worrying and wanting a job where I actually work in the disability and motivational speaking sector next summer, and thinking about where/what I want to rent after I get back from Hotham. If I will ever actually fall in love with someone (probably spurned on from the fact I just want to support Crew with disabilities) plus I focus on the fact I don't want to get married ever again…

Woah why am I thinking so far in the future?

Because I need a plan of attack to set myself up for the rest of my life. (Let life happen, who knows what will happen?) I need to focus on what I am doing right now. I wanna have so much fun with my amazing son and enjoy everything we have on any given day.

Many people's experiences that will change their life at Mt Hotham loving life and their own experiences making every day count and enjoy every moment in the snow. I got to do a rad first time interview with Marcus Lovett and give hope to anyone that has survived adversity and is still kicking goals living life on their own terms is bloody awesome.

I take no notice from the negative and pathetic people in this world as life's too short to listen to that bullshit. I'm only interested in learning and motivating people for the better. I have two major loves in my life that being the father of my amazing 11yo son and Skiing with the most radical people of Mt Hotham.

I'm forever grateful for all your amazing friendships, your all beautiful people. 

I think i'm gonna go listen to some bob now cause every little thing is gonna be alright.


Where to start —– my stroke occurred when I was 11 years old, in my last of primary school (grade 6). I was a typical grade sixer, king of the kids, popular, quick witted, sporting and had just been to Disneyland with my parents and two brothers during the 1st term school holidays — what could be better —-what could go wrong —- I was on top of my game —– then —— STROKE —– my world was turned upside down – SHATTERED!!!!

After 12 hours in the operating theatre, weeks in a coma and intensive care, I was told how fortunate I was to still be alive — however my body did not feel the same, I could not speak, and I could not move – I was paralysed, in pain and very frightened. With a lot of support from the medical profession, the Children’s Hospital, and family – I faced the whole rehabilitation process as a challenge, always optimistic that I would fully recover. During rehabilitation you look for any small improvement as a win —-whether in speech, memory, movement, strength or just being less fatigued. After months and months of speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and more —– reality really hits hard when the medical specialists start to indicate that you have reached the limit of improvement, and that it is now time to adjust your life to your level of impairment and learn to live with how you are. For an 11-year-old, this is an extremely tough challenge.

This is about the time that friends stop visiting, and the support starts to fade away. Parents and family are still there, but the rest of the world has moved on, and it becomes very hard to accept that you cannot be part of “normal”. The pain, the frustration becomes anger and life is difficult —- you tire easier, the pain and spasticity slow you down, the lack of memory and slower reaction cause you to be ostracised and teased through high school and you feel uncomfortable and confused in crowds, and insecure in public. You come a spectator instead of a participator. Life is a CHALLENGE!!

img_2188This is when you need as much inspiration as possible, to help face these challenges, my inspiration came, in part, from my love of skiing —- I first started skiing at the age of two, and prior to my stroke I had progressed to skiing black/double black runs —- therefore my first challenge was to get back on my skis. While in the hospital, during my rehab when I was first able to stand (before I could walk), I challenged my physiotherapist to a ski race. I won that challenge then next year, so my next challenge became skiing black runs again. For extra motivation my parents said that if I could achieve this they would take our family on a ski holiday to any resort in the world, my choice. I chose “Aspen” – this was my inspiration – to ski at the number 1 best ski mountain in the world.

January 1990 – I was skiing Ajax Mountain, Aspen USA, black runs, jumping off cliffs, the lot (including breaking my wrist). SO thank you Aspen and USA for providing my inspiration. I returned to Aspen, January 2012 with my 5-year-old son Brayden (he skied his first black run at Snowmass) to watch the X-Games, and found Aspen bigger and better and still achieving the goal as the number one ski resort in the world.

Aspen – “Thank You” – keep striving to be the best and in-spiriting achievement.

Believe you can and you are halfway there

-Theodore Roosevelt

The measure of who you are is what we do with what we have

-Vince Lombardi

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing

-Walt Disney

Any day on the green side of the grass is a great day And my adaption: Any day on top of the snow is a great day.

-from the great philosopher “Kermit T Frog”

Damn Straight 

From a Comatose Quadriplegic, to a man on a mission to get the word out that having a disability or a disease will never define you as a human being. If anything you're tougher and have more guts to even get out of bed in the morning than most able-bodied people that often look at you with distain on their face. I SAY TO ANYONE THAT STILL GIVES LIFE A GO AFTER ADVERSITY, STICK IT UP THEM!!!! 👊 #DontTryAndStopMe!!

Smiles often lie!!! 

Sometimes Smiles lie, sometimes the biggest mistakes are masked in a smile. Get in touch with what's real and explore what's most important to make you feel all your worth. Not everything is how it may look from the outside you can try and hide from it but that black monster can always raise its ugly head at anytime. If your feeling down and out, talk to a friend or someone you can confide in, seclusion is not the answer it's just going to eat you up. Mental illness is real as is anxiety and depression. Theres a lot of people smiling in front of the camera but are dying inside. The more we can open up the better the world will look. Thanks again to my Hotham legends for helping out. You guys are amazing. Cheers 🍻

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