Damn Straight 

From a Comatose Quadriplegic, to a man on a mission to get the word out that having a disability or a disease will never define you as a human being. If anything you're tougher and have more guts to even get out of bed in the morning than most able-bodied people that often look at you with distain on their face. I SAY TO ANYONE THAT STILL GIVES LIFE A GO AFTER ADVERSITY, STICK IT UP THEM!!!! 👊 #DontTryAndStopMe!!

True Story 

Listening is one of the greatest communication and connection tools we have as humans please. Learn to listen with your eyes as well as your ears and you will find your ability to communicate with people grows at an entirely new level. As will your influence – and we all want more influence with the people in our life. If this isn't true I might be climbing up the wrong wall??? #KEEPINGFAITH!

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